Post-Harvest Lead

(Permanent Full-time)


The Post-Harvest Lead, along with the Assistant Manager, manages the day to day post-harvest operations. While physically working as part of the team, the Post-Harvest Lead coordinates and directs the activities of the field team when working in the post-harvest area, along with the Managers, to ensure optimal productivity, quality and safety targets. The Post-Harvest Lead is responsible for receiving, washing, packing and preparing produce for markets including CSA, restaurants, farm store and farmers markets.

Our post-harvest area is the most dynamic place on the farm. The ideal Post-Harvest Lead possesses a willingness to take direction swiftly and efficiently, an ability to work well with a team, and is both self-motivated and able to set and reach individual and collective goals.


1. Reports to the Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager.

2. Communicates with the Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager on a daily basis regarding post-harvest work needs.

3. Provides feedback to Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager on field team and, if applicable, market help performance.

4. Is an active member of the Field Team which meets regularly to ensure effective communication.


Work with Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager to ensure farm production and quality goals are met.

Direct and ensure that all Post-Harvest activities are completed in accordance with the work schedule and to quality standards.

Work closely with Assistant Manager, Field Lead and Restaurant Lead to complete daily harvest, wash and pack-out on schedule.


  • Ensure walk in cooler/storage areas are organized and items properly labelled.
  • Maintain a clean, safe, well organised and efficient post-harvest area
  • Document and adhere to the farm’s Food Safety Plan.
  • Clean and sanitise post-harvest equipment and packing shed.
  • Ensure accurate harvest and packing records.
  • Communicate with Assistant Manager regarding crop inventory, regarding fresh sheet availabilities CSA, and market and stand allocations.
  • Manage inventory of bags, twist ties and other packaging.
  • Ensure crop storage areas and coolers are the proper temperatures and humidity.
  • Provide insight regarding sales to restaurant and wholesale accounts, if applicable.

Training, Recordkeeping & Supervision

  • Direct and manage field team when working in Post-Harvest.
  • Responsible for quality, speed, accuracy of field team in Post-Harvest.
  • Supervise and coordinate CSA/Farmstand team to ensure completion of daily tasks.
  • Provide feedback on field team performance by providing training and feedback to ensure that they have the appropriate skills for the assigned tasks in Post-Harvest.
  • Ensure that all members of the field team are exhibiting all expected job behaviors and that they are following all required company policies and procedures.
  • Ensure field team members personal safety by promoting individual awareness of hazards and teaching safety skills on the job, as well as identifying new hazards.
  • Ensure food safety by promoting individual awareness of food safety hazards and by teaching food safe skills on the job.
  • Ensure procedures relating to Organic Certification are carried out.
  • Providing supervisory support to other supervisors and managers in other spaces whether field,
  • markets etc. as needed
  • Assist in the training of new team members.
  • Facilitates a respectful, communicative and team-oriented work environment.
  • Accurately filling out detailed records which include planting, harvesting and food safety.

Other Duties:

  • Is an active part of the field team, involved in planting, weeding, irrigating and harvesting.
  • Assist in restaurant pack and train other staff on restaurant quality and processes.
  • Assist in deliveries and distribution as needed.
  • Attending weekly farmers markets as lead or in a support role, if needed.
  • Perform other related duties as required.