Cropthorne Farm

Field Crew Lead

Full-Time Permanent



  • Reports to the Assistant Farm Manager.
  • Communicates with the Farm Manager, Assistant Manager, Hoophouse Lead and Post-Harvest Lead on a daily basis regarding field and hoophoue work needs.
  • Provides feedback to Farm Manager and Assistant Manager on farm team and if applicable market and farm stand team performance.
  • Is an active member of the Farm Team which meets regularly to ensure effective communication.



  • Work with Farm Manager, Assistant Manager and Post-Harvest Supervisor to ensure farm production and quality goals are met.
  • Direct and ensure that all field and harvest activities are completed in accordance with the work schedule and to quality standards.
  • Work closely with Assistant Manager, and Post-Harvest Supervisor to complete daily harvest on schedule.



  • Is an active part of the farm team, assisting with harvest, planting, weeding, washing and other post harvest and field related tasks.
  • Assist in organizing weekly harvest plans, ensuring timely flow, scheduling crop harvest times.
  • Lead a 5-to-10-person harvest or weeding team.
  • Ensure efficient harvesting and transitions between tasks and overseeing movement of produce from the field to post harvest.
  • Assist in preparing weekly fresh sheet, knowing what is coming in and out from harvest
  • Assist with fertility monitoring and application.
  • Assist with IPM program; spraying, scouting for pests and disease both in field and in hoophouses.
  • Assist with irrigation, moving pipe or reel, drip installation, and repairs.


Training, Recordkeeping & Supervision

  • Provide feedback on farm team performance by providing training and feedback to ensure that they have the appropriate skills for the assigned tasks, particularly in the field.
  • Supervise the farm team, leading by example, setting pace and keeping momentum.
  • Ensure that all members of the farm team are exhibiting all expected job behaviours, including quality, speed, accuracy, and that they are following all required farm and food safe policies and procedures.
  • Ensure farm team members personal safety by promoting individual awareness of hazards and teaching safety skills on the job, as well as identifying new hazards.
  • Ensure food safety by promoting individual awareness of food safety hazards and by teaching food safe skills on the job.
  • Ensure procedures relating to Organic Certification are carried out.
  • Provide supervisory support to other supervisors and managers in other spaces whether post-harvest, markets etc. as needed
  • Facilitate a respectful, communicative and team-oriented work environment.
  • Accurately fill out detailed records which include planting, crop inputs, harvesting and food safety.
  • Maintain a safe, clean and well-organized environment for staff



  • Attend farmers markets as lead or in a support role, as needed.
  • Contribute to the farm business planning by providing input and expertise on cropping systems, varieties, inputs, equipment and capital improvements.