We love Cropthorne! We appreciate the variety you send us each week . . . It’s really broadened the food we eat. If it weren’t for you, we would never have tried the humble and delicious parsnip or ugly and delicious kohlrabi.

 I am ruined for conventional supermarket veggies now.

I was blown away by the flavour and freshness of all of the produce. I always looked forward to cooking . . . Also, your staff was always very helpful and friendly and knowledgeable. Love how organised you are!

 I LOVE the flowers that we are able to pick. It made our home so beautiful and the flowers you grow are gorgeous. These added touches really make the CSA community come alive.

Run by a young female farmer! Affordable, local, organic, delicious, etc. Farmer and family are at almost every market chatting with CSA members.

The weekly newsletter and your social media (FB & IG). Love seeing pics of the farm and adventures on the farm . . . It’s easy to see Cropthorne is 100% transparent and accountable.

You have the best CSA program! Really, you do! It’s organic, family run, love the swap box & the flower garden. And the chickens are fun to watch too. Beautiful location, what’s not to enjoy?!

Great service, organized well, very clean, fresh produce & large crops. Awesome variety.