Each week you will receive fresh, Certified Organic, seasonal produce from us, all grown on our Westham Island farm.

Living on the Fraser Delta allows us to grow year round due to the mild climate and great soil. With four hoophouses, we are able to grow salad greens, radishes, Asian greens, lettuce, spinach, chicories and much more throughout the fall and winter. We also have many storage and root crops, such as parsnips, carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage and beets. Outside celeriac, leeks and brussels sprouts, chard and kale will grow on in the cool winter weather. And of course there are many varieties of squash. There is much diversity and nourishment in the Fall Bounty Share.


Usually consisting of 6-8 different vegetables (similar to summer medium share)
Share value of at least $35.00/week

Choose from 2 Pick Up Locations:

On Farm Pickup Westham Island

Saturdays or Sundays
9:30am -3:30pm

$292.00 for 8 weeks

from November 4th/5th  through December 23rd/24th.

Winter Farmers Market at Riley Park


$292.00 for 8 weeks

from November 4th through December 23rd

Flexible payment options

It is important to us that the CSA is accessible to all. Please note that we have a sliding scale payment model so that you can choose a level in line with your ability to pay.

You can find more information here

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Share value of at least $35/week 6-8 different vegetables
Farm Riley
Market Price $292.00 $292.00
Contributor + 30% $379.00 $379.00
Supporter + 15% $335.84 $335.84
Reduced Price -15% $248.20 $248.20