Sliding Scale CSA Model

It is important to us that the CSA is accessible to all.

Our CSA allows you to participate in a model that ensures more people can access local, organically grown produce. You can choose your price point based on your access to financial resources. If you need further assistance in paying for a share please contact us to set up a payment plan or apply for a community supported share.


Contributor Share

You pay an additional 30% Your contribution goes towards supporting other community members

Supporter Share

You pay an additional 15% Your contribution goes towards supporting other community members

Reduced Cost Share

This CSA level is discounted at 15%

Community Supported Share

These shares are discounted at 40%, or free —

we have an application form for these shares. Spots are confirmed as funding becomes available.

Which payment option is right for you?

Your ability to pay may depend on your personal circumstances each year. Below is a guide to assist navigating the questions.

Consider paying more on the scale if you: Own the home you live in, have investments, retirement accounts, inherited money, travel recreationally, work part-time by choice, have access to family money and resources in times of need, have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)

Consider paying less on the scale if you: Are raising children or have other dependents, have significant debt, have medical expenses not covered by the province, have educational expenses, receive public assistance, have immigration related expenses, are a senior citizen, have limited access to family wealth and support during times of need .

The scale is intended to be a map, inviting each of us to take stock of our financial resources and understand our financial privilege.  There is absolutely no pressure to go above our ‘market price’, choose what resonates with you. We hope those members who need to use the discounted price and do so with comfort and with the knowledge of full confidentiality.

We are a community and what we want most out of this model is to be there for one another when needed. This is a small step towards economic justice at the grassroots level.


Please note as we are not a registered charity, any donations are not tax deductible.

*Thank you to Rock Steady Farm & Soul Fire Farm for inspiration in developing a sliding scale CSA models.*