We know being a CSA member is not for everyone, summer holidays or specific eating habits can make it tough.

The Friend of the Farm share is a way that you can be connected to the farm, support us by paying up front (much like the traditional CSA, of helping us with seed, equipment and labour costs early in the season) acknowledges people’s active schedule and allows members to still reap the benefits of fresh, local, organic vegetables.


You can use your Friend of the Farm Share anywhere we are:

At Our Farm Stand

on Westham Island

At Any Vancouver

Farmers Market


Bulk Purchases

canning & special orders

    • The Friend of the Farm share is a flexible system that allows you to purchase the kind of produce you want, when you want it.

    • Like a traditional CSA, you purchase the Friend of the Farm share in the spring at either $350, $550 or $750 levels
    • We don’t pack a box for you, instead you can shop at the Farm Stand or Farmers Markets and purchase what you want in the quantities you want. Your account will be charged each time you purchase produce.
    • Use your card like a debit card to buy Cropthorne produce at any of our farmers markets or farmstand on Westham Island.

    Friend of the Farm Shares make great gifts!

    If you are buying one as a gift, please let us know that on the membership form. If it is a surprise, send us an email to let us know once the beans are spilled and we’ll connect with them.


    We also offer smaller gift cards starting at $30 throughout the year, please visit us at the farmstand or farmers market to purchase one.

    The Benefits

    of becoming a Friend of the Farm

    • Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to make purchases when you need to

    • Seasonal Newsletter with stories and what’s in season

    • Great option for those want to support the farm, yet prefer to pick out their own vegetables

    • No need to bring cash to the market

    • There is no commitment to use the card on a weekly basis

    • Any remaining balance at the end of the season will carry over for you to use next season

    • Receive 5% increased value if you purchase your card between January 1 and February 29, 2024

      That means:
      When you pay $350, you receive $367.50
      When you pay $550 you receive $577.50
      When you pay $750 you receive $787.50